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Our Contract Contributors are experts and have extensive knowledge of federal laws, the courts, and the inner workings of the federal prison system.

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These professionals work daily educating clients and their families on what to expect when entering the system and the best way to conduct themselves while incarcerated; to both fit in with the prison community and obtain early release. Get inside knowledge on breaking stories from the specialists at Justice Broadcasting.

Larry Levine

Levine is a founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants and a former organized crime troubleshooter. After his 1998 arrest and conviction, he served a 10-year Federal Sentence at 11 correctional institutions on charges including narcotics, securities fraud, obstruction, racketeering, and possession of automatic weapons.


This background allows him to share a unique perspective on the current state of prisons in America. Having successfully sued the Department of Justice, Levine can discuss and explain more than just the day-to-day functions of a prison, he also has more than a working knowledge of the rights afforded to prisoners, and when they are violated.

Since his release, Levine’s proved to be a regular guest contributor to reports on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC and CBS News and the Washington Post, the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, People Magazine, Inside Edition, The BBC, Forbes, VICE and major news organizations providing information on what people experience when incarcerated.


Holli Coulman

Coulman, the co-founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants was a long term Hewlett Packard employee. After a conviction for Wire Fraud, She served a 21-month federal sentence at a women’s federal prison camp. Coulman spent two months in solitary confinement at a county jail after reporting prison staff for sexually harassing her.


Coulman’s desire to help inmates began taking shape before she was even processed in to prison. Prior to her self-surrender she spent long hours searching the internet for information about what she would be facing. She found the resources she needed sorely lacking. When she finished her sentence and had the opportunity to pair with Levine she knew she could help those with the same need.

Coulman’s been a contributor to Life and Style Magazine, InTouch Weekly, The Orlando Sentinel, the Christian Post, the Inquisitor, Radar Online and several other news organizations discussing the unique set of challenges that women face when incarcerated in a women’s prison.

Learn how prison staff view high profile inmates and how they treat them!

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Prisons are dangerous places and those charged with crimes along with those reporting on crimes, can often become confused listening to opinions about what happens when someone enters custody.

While everyone has opinions, are they qualified opinions based in fact?

When reporting on a criminal case, knowledge is key, and a Prison Consultant with years of custody experience, who has facts about prison policies, gangs, staff interactions, the politics surrounding incarceration and what really happens when someone enters custody, can make the difference in providing accurate and compelling information to your story and readers.

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