TV News Appearances

  • HLN | Paul Manafort | 07-12-18

    HLN | Paul Manafort | 07-12-18

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  • HLN | Carol Costello | 3-13-18

    HLN | Carol Costello | 3-13-18


    South Dakota PrisonĀ 

    Wall Street Prison Consultants Founder and Former Federal Inmate Larry Levine gives commentary with Carol Costello on the CNN Headline News show Across America speaking about Prison Rehabilitation in Norway and the State of North Dakota.

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  • Daily Show | Jon Stewart | 2009

    Daily Show | Jon Stewart | 2009


    Larry Levine as Moment of Zen

    PRISON CONSULTANT Larry Levine appears on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as the “Moment of Zen” discussing how Bernie Madoff could be killed in prison.

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  • Fox Business | Neil Cavuto | 2009

    Fox Business | Neil Cavuto | 2009

    White Collar Crime

    Wall Street Prison Consultants founder Larry Levine discusses federal prison life and prison survival with Neil Cavuto on Fox News. Cavuto gets angry in a priceless scene near the end where Levine pulls out a rubber glove

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  • CNN | Anderson Cooper | 2009

    CNN | Anderson Cooper | 2009


    Bernard Madoff Commentary

    Larry Levine appears on CNN with Anderson Cooper discussing what Federal Prison life will be like for Ponzi Schemer Bernard Madoff after Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in Federal Prison for running the largest multi

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  • Fox | Shepard Smith | 7-13-15

    Fox | Shepard Smith | 7-13-15

    El Chapo Guzman Escape

    Prison Consultant Larry Levine describes the escape and prison conditions for Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman who escaped from a maximum security Mexican prison on July 12, 2015 with Shepard Smith on Fox News

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  • CNN | Ashleigh Banfield | 6-17-15

    CNN | Ashleigh Banfield | 6-17-15

    Manhunt for inmates David Sweat & Richard Matt.

    Prison Consultant Larry Levine gives commentary on CNN Legal Views regarding the escape and manhunt of New York State inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton Correctional Facility with CNN

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  • MSNBC | Jose Diaz Balart | 5-11-15

    MSNBC | Jose Diaz Balart | 5-11-15

    Boston Marathon Bomber Commentary

    Wall Street Prison Consultants Larry Levine founder gives commentary on MSNBC on what type of prison Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may go to should he receive a life sentence in Federal Custody! Levine is interviewed

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  • CNN | Dan Lemon | 6-8-15

    CNN | Dan Lemon | 6-8-15

    New York Inmate Escape.

    Prison consultant Larry Levine gives commentary on the escape of New York state inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York on the CNN show CNN Tonight with anchor Don

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  • Nightline | Peter Rooney | 2009

    Nightline | Peter Rooney | 2009

    Nightline Story on Larry Levine

    Larry Levine owner and founder of American Prison Consultants and Wall Street Prison Consultants speaks to ABC News corespondent Peter Rooney on ABC Nightline about Federal Prison Survival and life behind bars.…

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