Holli Coulman Profile

Holli Coulman is a college educated professional who spent the better part of her career carving out a name for herself in highly competitive corporate arenas. While in her well-earned role at a strategic tech company, Holli’s integrity became compromised as she soon would become the target of a federal investigation.

Coulman’s been a contributor to Life and Style Magazine, InTouch Weekly, The Orlando Sentinel, the Christian Post, the Inquisitor, Radar Online and several other news organizations discussing the challenges of what women face when incarcerated in a woman’s prison.   

Fraud Charges – Incarceration 

Coming under direct fire for financial fraud-related charges, she was forced to accept a guilty plea and subsequently, was convicted of one count of wire fraud. She spent the next 15 months in the Women’s Camp at FCC Victorville, California, 2 months in the Solitary Housing Unit (SHU) at the San Bernardino County Jail and the final 3 months at a Halfway House.

She earned her American Bar Association Paralegal Certification and in April of 2017 was given the opportunity to work for a reputable law firm. Finding power in the written word, Holli started a popular blog on big issues such as women’s safety while incarcerated and related subject matter.

This act of civil advocacy resulted in a Bureau of Prisons retaliatory- based punishment of two months in solitary confinement. These and other experiences will be chronicled in her much-anticipated book debut, “True Injustice.”

Premier Woman’s Prison Consultant

Holli Coulman is the most notable and respected Women’s Prison Consultants in America. Through various prison consultancy platforms, she navigates families and individuals through the difficulty of incarceration. Her services stretch far beyond education and awareness. Holli’s services include prison pre-and-post release strategies, clemency procedures, appeals, coursework, and compassionate releases.