American Prison Consultants

My name is Larry Levine, I’m a former 10 year federal inmate, and the Director and founder of American Prison Consultants and Wall Street Prison Consultants. I’d like to offer my Prison Consulting Services and Federal Criminal Litigation Analysis experience, to those charged in a Criminal Case and contemplating a Plea Agreement, and those awaiting sentencing to enter the Federal Prison System.

If you’re reading this, you or a loved one’s probably fighting a case in U.S. District Court and facing the prospect of serving time in a Federal Prison. If you’re looking for an easy to understand explanation of U.S. Criminal Laws and Sentencing as how they could apply to you as far as going to trial or taking a plea agreement; or you’re looking for information on the BOP RDAP EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM, or obtaining extra halfway house time, in-custody medical care, an institutional transfer and understanding the mechanics and dangers of prison life. WE CAN HELP!

While there’s no shortage of resources and lawyers available to help fight criminal charges, when it comes time to actually enter custody, most lawyers knowledge and experience end at the prison gate. So if you’re afraid, and the thought of going to prison scares the hell out of you, you’re not alone, because prisons are dangerous places, and having knowledge about prison policies, prison gangs, and the politics of prison life, are the keys to surviving successfully on the inside and coming home safely.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, so if you’re getting ready to meet with pre-trial services for your PSR, CALL ME FIRST and you’ll thank me later, or if you just need some answers, I invite you to examine our website, or feel free to call me at anytime at 888-558-215

I look forward to hearing from you.

Larry Jay Levine
Founder-American Prison Consultants